My Work

Linux kernel

As an active member of the  Linux kernel community, with over 10 commits (and counting), I have made notable contributions, including:

Python programming language

I have also contributed to CPython, which is the implementation of the  Python programming language, written in C. This provides the interpreter, and also Python’s core libraries. My contributions include:


melonDS is a fast and accurate open-source emulator for the Nintendo DS, which allows people to play their old DS games on modern computers. I am a member of the melonDS team, which works on adding new features, reviewing pull requests and resolving issues. Some of my significant contributions are:

  • Porting it to macOS (both x86-64 and ARM64 architectures), including adding a workaround in assembly code for the Mach-O executable format used

  • Redesigning the interface for configuring input to make it elegant and easier to use using the Qt framework:

    Interface beforeInterface after
  • Developing a new interface to view game information, which includes decoding the 5-bit bitmap and 16-bit palette, and repacking it into 32-bit ARGB

    Image decoder C codeInterface
    ROM Info dialog
  • Added battery level emulation utilising low-level bit manipulation in C to configure the registers

    Underlying C codeInterface
    Battery interface


Mainline4Lumia aims to bring Linux to the Lumia series of phones, which originally ran the Windows Phone operating system. We have booted Linux on many Lumias, mainly ones which use Qualcomm’s MSM8226 processor. I have added support for:

Linux booting on a Lumia 650

Linux booting on a Lumia 650